Delusional featured in 2 magazines at the end of 2022!

So a friend of mine brought to my attention that he found this article about me online from Vents Magazine. I read it and dug a lil deeper and was able to find the same article was also posted on PopMusicRadar. This feels amazing because if you're reading this you know I'm back in the music game and I been dropping all the old DWB stuff that wasn't really released. Well its super validating to see that I apparently meant something to people. I've been seeing that all over social media and it jus feels amazing to see how y'all really wanted to see me come back... and I'm super grateful and honored to be here right now doing what I love. Shout out to the writer Otolorin Olabode!! I'm indebted to you and I'm on cloud 9 right now after reading this!

I'm gonna link you right now. Both sites have the same article because he works for both I assume.

Vents Magazine:

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