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About The Label


Out The Ashes Music Group represents a new beginning and a 2nd chance. Everybody knows the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes of the fire. It represents change and wisdom from the personal hardships and bridges we burnt in life. Out The Ashes was founded in 2022 by rapper Delusional who owned Anti-Authority Records from 2004 - 2015 and despite working with people who cared to preserve its legacy, he single-handedly burnt it the company to the ground.

With a new outlook on life and a 2nd chance that many don't have the opportunity to receive, Delusional admitted to his problems, issues, and shortcomings and turned them into something creative and positive. OTA's two flagship artists include alternative hip-hop artists R3YV3NN3 and Delusional who both have albums and different projects due out in 2023 as well as a full campaign launch on both artists, as well as one for the label itself.

R3YN3NN3's debut album "D3ATH OF WINT3R HAV3N" comes to CD and digital streaming platforms on May 12th, 2023. It includes wild tracks like the street hits "My Buddy", "$pot A Opp", "Mo$h Pit" and personally relatable songs like "Li3d To M3" and "Fak3 It Til I Mak3 It" featuring Delusional. OTAMG artist Jay Tee Profit also appears on the club smash "Bring It Back Up" and R3YV3NN3 has more for the ladies on the song "Girl N3xt Door". The sound eclectic and versatile following in the footsteps from artists like Machine Gun Kelly, $uicideboy$z, and Pouya.